Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mr Edd’s Chronicles: Life doesn't always go your way, so let it be…

Mr Edd’s Chronicles: Life doesn't always go your way, so let it be…

Salam and best wishes to this blog’s avid readers. First and foremost, let me introduce myself as Mr. Edd. I’m one of the technical team’s members in this blog. Why do I choose that title? Well, isn’t that always happen in our life? I meant life doesn’t always go your way. You want A, they give u B. You work hard for C, you only got D. So, why bother. Just let it be. But, don’t get me wrong. I’m not intending to encourage you, our avid reader to simply lose hope on your own life, but instead to make your life count. To make each day count, sometime you need to go with the flow, not oppose it.

Why do I tell you about this thing? Well, it does somehow got something to do with my own experiences. How do I end up being a counselor instead if being civil engineer, or being a system analyst? Why do I gave I what is use to dream of? Long story short, it is about life doesn’t always go your way. If one door closed for you, other door is open. You just need to find that door.

I started my education at the age of seven. I started to learn about ABC and 123 in my 1st grade in primary school. Yes, theirs is no kindergarten whatsoever for me as my parent couldn’t afford it. But hey, why bother. I manage to catch up my friends who already know their ABC’s years before me. How? But simply concentrating to what my teacher told me. Ok, not entirely true. Hahaha…what a seven years old kid know about concentrate, right? Seriously, I watch a lot of cartoon since I was kid. Remember Sesame Street, kids? Yes, I did learn one or two from that series. My point is that it is not how many sources of learning chances you have, but it’s simply how you maximizing the use the sources you have. Maybe you don’t have the best tutor as u couldn’t afford it, but hey, you can always tutor yourself from books from library. And of course, you teachers are more than willing to help you with your problems. So, please make use of whatever sources you have in your life.

After primary school, I attend secondary school. At the age of 16, I already live separately from my parent as I have to live at the hostel. Being away from the family make you being a stronger and independent person as you have to manage yourself. Back in form 4 and form 5, I was studying Civil Engineering at the Langkawi Technical School. Just when I thought that I’m going to end up as somebody in this field, I found out that I’m not good enough in couple of subject, i.e. Technical Drawing. Hahahaa…how am I going to be somebody in this field when I’m not any good in it. So, after school, I decided to take a new course for me. This time, I got myself in polytechnic and studying Information Technology. In 2001, this course is somehow blooming as not many institutes offering that course and the market demand is quite good. But then again, after finish my studies, even with a good grade I felt that somehow I’m not connected to what I’m doing.

So, here I am. Studying Guidance and Counseling in my final year. And this time, I’m quite sure that this is the right one for me. I have developed vast improvement and interest in this course, ever since the first year I enrolled to this university. And I wish to do my best once I’ve graduated and work as a school counselor. Hey, I’m a counselor with a certificate in Civil Engineering, a Diploma in Information Technology, and a Degree in Guidance and Counselor. I maybe not getting the best paycheck as other out there, but for sure, I do have a lot of experience before I reach here, and the windows of opportunity for improvement are always there for me.

Life doesn’t always go your way…let it be.

Make each day count,

Mr. Edd

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